ClearCaptions for web and mobile

Captions when and where you need them.

ClearCaptions on your tablet, smartphone or computer.

When you're away from your Ensemble, take the confidence and convenience of ClearCaptions with you. View your captions at a friend's house on a computer. Or, follow your call on your iPhone® or Android™ smartphone during your taxi ride to the airport. ClearCaptions go where you go.

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Got a phone? Computer?
You've got ClearCaptions.

Add captions to any phone with the free ClearCaptions web service.

With ClearCaptions and a computer, you can add captions to almost any phone in your home or office. Just visit the ClearCaptions site, sign in and start your call.

Within seconds, captions will display on your computer's monitor. Change font sizes, color and even background color. And when you're through, save and/or print a copy.

On the Phone
Go ahead. Go big.
Make the type as big
as you want and pick
your color too!
Save and print.
Need to remember
your call details?
Save and/or print
your calls.

on a computer
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ClearCaptions on iPhone and Android
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ClearCaptions makes your smartphone even smarter.

The free ClearCaptions app turns your smartphone or tablet into a personal captioned viewing screen.

Download the ClearCaptions app on your iPhone or Android smartphone, sign in and start a call right from the app. When your party answers, ClearCaptions displays his or her words directly on your screen.

You can view captions on your iPad or iPod® touch, too. Just download the app and have a separate phone handy for the audio part of your call. While you talk on the phone, you can watch your call's captions right on your screen.

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