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With ClearCaptions, you get the whole conversation. Down to every simple, beautiful, powerful word.

Powered by ClearCaptions, Ensemble is for the 48 million Americans with hearing loss. For people who don't take conversations for granted. People who understand the weight and meaning of words. Ensemble is a captioned phone that displays text of conversations in near real-time on a large color touchscreen so you can see and hear what callers are saying.

Give it a boost.
Add 50 dB of instant,
hearing-aid quality
amplification to calls.
New! Hands-free calls are
now easier than ever.

Ensemble also features:
  • 8" color touchscreen
  • Captions displayed in near real-time
  • Captions are provided free through ClearCaptions
  • Call Log displays previous conversations to review important details
  • Built-in answering machine and phone book
  • Three (3) custom sound tones
  • One-touch text sizing
  • Wireless or Ethernet connection to your Internet
  • For use at home and at work
  • 1-year warranty
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A sight for sore eyes.
Skip the reading glasses.
One tap makes captions bigger.
Address Book
Phone numbers
in one place.

Tap a phone number to dial.

Frustration takes
a holiday.

ClearCaptions are like live TV captions for your phone calls.

Constantly asking people to repeat themselves? Wondering or guessing what someone said on a call? It's frustrating!

Ensemble lets you listen on the phone with amplified sound while you watch near real-time captions of your call. No more guessing or asking. Read your conversation and hang-up your phone call frustration.

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Don't just take our word for it.

  • "ClearCaptions has made a profound impact on me both personally and in my work, allowing me to better understand and be more effective on all my calls."

    P. Stern, real estate professional
  • "It's easy to be supportive of a free service that addresses such an important part of my patients' communication."

    Dr. Deborah Price, AuD, Doctor of Audiology,
    founder of Hearing Professional Center,
    and the Chair of the Audiology Foundation of America
  • "With ClearCaptions, I don't have to ask people to repeat themselves. I know what they've said…it makes me more effective at my job."

    Melissa Ruth, Board President,
    SE Washington Service Ctr. Of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing